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Vittorio Emanuelle - Ultimate Shopping

Is the industrial north of Italy, the larger petrochemical, and Oil/Gas companies all have offices here along, of course, with the automotive industry situated around Monza and Modena.


Italian of course, some English and a little French and German.



Euros. Most major UK high street banks have a presence.



It is very expensive in Milan, most apartments and flats are for rent for 6 to 12 months only and cost between Eu800 (bed sit / studio) and Eu2000 (2 bedroom) per month, plus 1 month's rent deposit and an agency fee of up to 1 month's rent.

Try "Hello MILANO" for English speaking agents.

For very short term (up to 1 month), if you don't want to stay in a hotel, try a "Residence Hotel" basically a hotel room with a hotplate and fridge, haggle with the desk staff about lower rates, you'll be plesently surprised at the rates you can get.


Medical Assistance

Very good, most Doctors and Pharmacists speak a little English, with an E101 medical care at hospitals is free, if you're paying cash prices are much lower than the equivalent private care in the UK.



Italians tend to snack their way through the day, fast food is very popular and Ice cream is big all the time even in winter, most of the traditional bars will serve free food during the evenings.

Some bars in the tourist areas require you to pay for drink, if not sitting and eating, before going to the counter to collect your drink.

There are some very good restaurants in the city offering excellent food at reasonable prices.



Milan has three airports Malpensa (MXP) Linate (LIN) and Orio al Serio (BGY).

Linate is very close to the city, within a 15 minute taxi ride (30 minutes by bus), Malpensa is approximatley 30 minutes by train (60 minutes by bus) and Orio al Serio is 60km from the city travel by bus or taxi only

Inside the city itself, the system works on the typical European system, buy a ticket, validate it when on the bus or tram. Books of tickets are available for multiple trips, one ticket per trip. Tickets can be bought from undeground stations, tobacconist and some bars, look for the "T" outside, and the word "biglietti" - ticket, on any signs.

Tickets on the busses and trams inside the city are valid for 75 minutes, from time of first validation, validate only once per 75 min trip, even on return jurneys. Do remember to validate as a spot fine is Eu50 and payable on demand, the inspectors speak very little English and do not take "Non Capish" as an excuse, unles you're a really sexy female!



Eating and drinking in Milan is a great pastime, cafe bars, serving very good local dishes, the traditional ones will also feed you if you go between 19:00 and 21:00.

If you are going to be in Milan over a weekend try to make it to Porta Genova in the canal district, most bars are open Tuesday to Sunday, 18:00 until 02:00, and serve bar snacks and finger food (free) until 22:00 at the weekends.


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