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This section has been left in to give the regional feel of Newfoundland outside of St John's.

On the southeast coast of Newfoundland on the Burin Peninsula about 4 hours drive from St. John’s in summer (longer in winter, if possible), Marystown is a former fishing community where the construction yard at Cow Head was recently chosen for fabrication and outfitting of an FPSO. In comparison to the other towns mentioned on this website Marystown is small. It is a friendly town and has almost everything you are likely to need.






As St. John’s with the exception that only Canadian banks have any presence.



You are on your own.

There are taxi companies but no public transport. A one way trip to St. John’s costs about C$100.

There are rumours of a twice-daily flight between St.John’s and Marystown…….Since the completion of the project this service has been removed!

On the bright side – once you have your Canadian licence and a vehicle – insurance is considerably less expensive in Marystown than in St. John’s. If winter is bad a four-wheel drive vehicle is desirable for those of us with little experience of the snowy conditions.

If in company housing transport to and from work is generally provided, as is transport to and from St. John’s for leave purposes.



Furnished and unfurnished available but limited. A furnished 2 to 3 bed house costs in the region of C$1100 to C$2400 per month. Unfurnished start at around C$900 per month. Some employers provide accommodation as part of the package. For private rental legal rules are as for St. John’s.

Be aware that heating costs can be high – around C$350 per month in winter is not uncommon.


Medical Assistance

As St. John’s although the nearest hospital is in Burin (10km from Marystown) and the scale is smaller.



A little limited – the usual chain burger and pizza places and a Chinese restaurant.

There are two supermarkets which are very well stocked with a wide variety of foods and the vegetable quality seems better than in St. John’s.



A couple of pubs and a couple of pool halls.

There is a ladies’ gym but none for men.

There is also a cinema in Burin.

Outdoor sports – snow-mobiling is popular when it snows. This winter, to date, the snowfall has been disappointing. (by winters end a total snowfall of 10ft and minus 22 deg c average temperature)



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