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Welcome to the Techno-Gypsy website.

We have finally come on line in January 2004!


We are a couple of techno-gypsies traveling the world working on engineering projects. Projects in The Netherlands (The Hague), Monaco, Newfoundland, Milan, Hamburg and Tengiz so far...

We decided to start this web site as we found the information available was aimed at personnel traveling under the umbrella of employers, not those of us traveling alone.
Our aim is to provide information based on our and your experiences in the various countries (outside the UK) in which we find ourselves. We are aiming at contractors (mostly in the engineering industry) who travel from project to project and find themselves without back-up or information on language, banking, accommodation, food, medical care, entertainment and so on in foreign lands. All information is based on UK Citizenship.


Now for the legal bit...

As this website is based on personal experiences we cannot guarantee that everything is absolutely accurate or that the experiences mirror your own. Although we do our best to check the accuracy of the content please double check anything which could cause you problems.


To start with we are covering The Netherlands (The Hague), Monaco and environs, Newfoundland, Hamburg, Milan and Tengiz. We would be delighted to receive your relevant experiences in other countries, towns and areas. As we wish this website to be verifiable we will require to contact you prior to inclusion of any items.


If you find the information useful please tell your colleagues, friends or anyone you know who travels without the security of company support.

Contact Information

Electronic mail
General Information: webmaster@techno-gypsy.com

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